Paola Felgueres (in the photo), Maca Rotter and, Alejandra Mier are the partners of Plan B3 Entertainment

Dubbing company Plan B3 founded in Mexico
Aliana González, Mexico City|03 de marzo de 2020

Plan B3 Entertainment, a new dubbing company was born as an idea last January and barely 15 days ago was formally registered in Mexico, with Paola Felgueres, Maca Rotter and Alejandra Mier as partners. Although one of the niches it aims to find leverage in is that of videogames and the gamer industry, the company is open to working with all kinds of contents and clients, as well as doing post-production in general.

“The three of us have been friends for many years and always wanted to work together. Actually, we have for a while, when they were in Televisa and I was in Dubbing House, and we got involved in the supersuccessful animated series, El Chavo del Ocho, El Chapulín Colorado, and many others,” said Paola Felgueres, after commenting that she is very happy to have chosen these partners, who are "women, entrepreneurs, hardworking, workaholics, and have the best reputation, but basically, I know them; to mean it means everything to trust them blindly," she mentioned when commenting that many things are moving and that they are barely announcing who they are, so further on it will be possible to know more news.

Felgueres explained that they are in the process of building up the studios in Mexico City and that in the future, they will also have headquarters in Los Angeles. They will have the specifications and technology required by huge platforms such as Netflix, and Paramount, as well as the certifications for any kind of client. She explained that she is contributing her experience and name after 27 years of being in this sector of the industry, while Rotter and Mier their knowledge of a new area for her, that are esports, gaming, and videogames. "It is a very interesting business strategy".

Felgueres additionally works with the production company Con Tenis Producciones, with which is making the show En La Luna con Jesús Guzmán, launched on February 27 on Sony, and whose post-production work will be made by Plan B3 Entertainment.