Paola Felgueres, CEO of Dubbing House and The Other House

Dubbing House: Netflix launched our production Es en Serio a stand up by Jesús Guzmán
Vanessa Maldonado|15 de agosto de 2018

Produced by the production company The Other House, the stand up comedy Es en Serio by Jesus Guzmán, reached the Netflix platform, becoming the second production from this company, owned by Dubbing House, that is developing a film and two comedy series they will strive to place on digital platforms.

“Netflix began broadcasting stand up specials and we tried to approach the production company that made them to make one by Jesús Guzmán, but weren´t able to reach an agreement, therefore we decided to produce it ourselves with the quality standards this platform demands and in the aim to present it to them. It took us a while until they bought it. We are proud to have it on that screen, but even more so that it is our own production," explained Paola Felgueres, CEO of Dubbing House and The Other House.

She assured that the late night show En la Luna con Jesús Guzmán for YouTube, recently reached 100 programs, managing to have guests as important as Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro, so it is content that will continue, she said.

Additionally, she announced they are already working on the development of new projects, including a film and two comedy series they will aim to place on platforms such as Netflix or Amazon.

“More stand up material is underway, but we are also making projects on request and developed by ourselves," she ended.