Luis Hernández and Dalia Quiroz

Winning Dieste duo at 2022 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions: We combined our strengths to create something unique that highlights brand personality
Liz Unamo|17 de abril de 2022

Winner in the Film category at the 2022 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions competition was the creative duo of Dieste: Dalia Quiroz and Luis Hernandez, both art directors.

“This is the kind of story that strengthens our creative culture and the creative excellence we pursue. The fact that this pair of young lions won two years In a row proves that Dieste continues to grow its creative nest with the very best talents as we enter a new era for the agency. I’m excited about what’s ahead in the coming years. Let’s not lose sight of it. We’re getting there,” said Abe Garcia, CCO of the agency.

The More of You campaign, through a mixture of splendid images and illustrations, shows how the real and digital worlds merge and interact with one another to inspire Latino companies to imagine what is possible in the metaverse.

“Our biggest challenge was to commit ourselves to an idea in such a short period of time. This was a rapid process in which we not only thought up and reduced the concepts, but also executed them. That said, it was also part of what makes our work such an enriching experience,” the creative duo agreed.

The chief inspiration went to those who directed their own briefing: Latino creatives with business mentalities who don’t always feel they have a place in the technological area. We wanted to attract them with what is possible and because this space particularly needed them. For the execution as such, we wanted to make sure of combining the strengths that each one possesses (e.g. edition by Luis, illustration by Dalia) to create something unique for us and in harmony with the brand personality,” they said.

Dalia advised those eager to take part in this kind of competition to have faith in their creative work, but with methodology. “Dissect and analyze the briefing, gather together the visual inspiration and launch concepts until you find one that contains the principal message you wish to convey.” Meanwhile Luis recommended eliminating preconceived ideas about what advertising consists of. “We’re creatives, so we have the advantage of making something out of nothing.”

For both creatives, this kind of contest is a great creative window for exploring new cultural forms of expression. “Being young Latino creatives, this competition is a great chance to go all-out doing what we like. We have the opportunity to play with an important briefing that centers on our own community and create something totally ours. It’s a unique chance to set our creativity and culture free.”

Círculo Creativo USA is the Hispanic organizer in the United States of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Metaverse was the sponsor of the 2022 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions.

All the winning campaigns can be seen here: