Cristian Conti, co-founder and producer of Dynamo

Dynamo: We are part of a globalization of content
20 de marzo de 2018

Cristian Conti, co-founder, and producer of Dynamo, reported about the productions they are developing, both in the region and in the US, clearly stating how strong his production company is currently.

The producer highlighted that the industry is in a great moment: “We are part of a large globalization of content; we have seen how the industry has grown in these 10 years we have existed. Incentives from the Colombian government have also helped the industry’s growth and we have made the most of them, it has been a win-win relationship for everyone.”

Another point he mentioned was the important content in another language other than English has acquired. Content in Spanish, is, of course, one of the contents that are most being watched worldwide. “Lately, the paradigm that if the content isn´t in English no one watches it has been broken, as well as that Anglo-Saxon content is automatically better than the rest, but that is changing, and it is very good for those of us who create content that is not in English,” said Conti.

Likewise, he announced that they are in the middle of the shooting of their original series for Netflix, called Distrito Salvaje. “Javier Fuentes León and Carlos Moreno are directing it, it is made in Bogota and is very “Bogotana”, it deals with the topic of corruption. We are very satisfied. We have already been shooting the first season over 14 days. It will have 10 episodes.”