Eduardo Suárez, VP of Programming, CNNE

Eduardo Suárez of CNNE: It's been a great challenge to renovate CNNE
Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Atlanta|10 de abril de 2012

“We were very proud to see the results obtained once Cynthia Hudson was added to the project. It’s been a marvelous challenge to renovate and better CNN en Español, taking it to TV of the 21st Century” expressed to PRODU, Eduardo Suárez, VP of programming of CNNE, during the 15th anniversary celebration of the network in the region. Suárez emphasized the growth of the network within the Hispanic market of the US. “We’ve increased our presence in the Hispanic market without forgetting that 70% of our audience is in Latin America and about 25% to 30% is part of the US Hispanic. The advertisers who have seen the new CNNE have responded very positively”. He also mentioned the grand effort of original programming that the new CNNE is boasting, going from six hours per day about one and a half years ago to 14 hours per day from Monday to Friday, along with the Sunday news. “Programming is produced in Mexico, Los Angeles, New York and in the bureau of Miami which has three new programs and 200 invited ones monthly”. The channel has seen its success on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and its website is the third most visited of all CNN’s channels. Suarez commented on some of the new programs expected for CNNE like Latinoamérica Opina with Patricia Janoit and Trending Topics with content related to social media and TV. The network also just launched Oppenheimer Presenta.