The Circulo Creativo USA Takes a 360º View of the Creative Effort Behind the Super Bowl
Liz Unamo|05 de febrero de 2021

Behind the Bowl, was the name that The Circulo Creativo USA gave to their review about the process that agencies and producers carried out to deliver the campaigns that debuted and were broadcasted during the Big Game.

The webinar included Jorge Murillo, VP Executive Creative Director of alma; Verónica Ruiz del Vizo, Creative & Digital Strategy; Alexis Estiz, Head of Music at Pickle Music; Juan Taylor, Executive Producer, Landia; Andrés Ordóñez, Chief Creative Officer, FCB; Jorge Pomareda, Creative Director of Highdive Advertising and Matías Candia, Associate Strategy Director, David; and the event was moderated by Javier Osorio, regional leader of Círculo Creativo USA in Chicago and freelance creative director.

The regional leaders of the Círculo Creativo USA in Miami, Virgilio Flores, from alma, and Iván Calle, from Zubi, promoted the debate.

“I am very grateful to work with this great team at the Circulo. When Virgilio called me to tell me about the idea he and Ivan had of the webinar, I thought it was a must. It is the first webinar of the year, and it raised the bar for the next ones to come. This is also what the Círculo Creativo is about, generating content to continue growing as an industry. Hopefully all those who participated in the webinar and who are not yet members, will soon join our mission and become part of the Círculo,” declared Flor Leibaschoff, president of Círculo Creativo USA and Group Creative Director, Lerma.

Virgilio Flores, regional leader of Círculo Creativo USA in Miami and creative director at alma, said that the webinar allowed them to reach other markets in the region. “It was an event that served as a meeting point around everything that surrounded the creativity of the Super Bowl, with the stories of great professionals. Creatives from the US and other countries were able to connect and enjoy; this commits us to continue with this type of activity.”

“The purpose of the Círculo Creativo was to change the format of what we had been doing for the Super Bowl. We all watch commercials, and are exposed to them. But we do not see the part of how we get there, the sacrifices, the pressure, the struggle to get to those 30 or 60 seconds. That was what we wanted to show and what we thought it was very interesting to share: The stories behind the Super Bowl,” explained Iván Calle, regional co-leader in Miami and VP, Executive Creative Director at Zubi.

The panel offered a 360-degree look at the creative effort behind the Super Bowl. “Despite my role was as a moderator, it was fascinating to see how each panelist told the same story, from a totally different point of view. Bringing together professionals from so many disciplines elevated the narrative and gave the audience a broad and deep vision of what it means to participate in a Super Bowl project,” said Javier Osorio, regional leader of the Círculo Creativo USA in Chicago and freelance creative director.