Pablo Cruz: We loved the experience, we have a fantastic cast

El Estudio: We finished Marea Alta in record time to be part of ViX+beginnings and its Spanish content revolution
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de septiembre de 2022

Marea Alta (10x60'), the first youth thriller that will debut on ViX+ next Friday the 9th, was shot in record time - six months of filming in Baja California (Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito)-, according to its producer, Pablo Cruz, Executive Producer of the series and Co-founder and President of Production at El Estudio.

“We wanted to finish it soon enough to be included as one of ViX+ initial releases, and thus be part of this content revolution in Spanish. It is an unusual series, with high production values, but also a type of thriller rarely done in Mexico,” said Cruz.

Cruz expressed his satisfaction of working with ViX+, "who have been great creative partners and also in the practical sense of production."

El Estudio, with offices in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid and Buenos Aires, is busy. It has more than 10 projects in production, 20 in development with platforms and studios, and more than 60 in in-house development. Among them are Abel, Miss Bala, El Baile de los 41 and Pena Ajena.

“We loved the experience, we have a fantastic cast. We recruited directors who had never worked in Mexico or Mexican directors who had never had an opportunity on TV and people that I have been following and really like their work. This is the basis of how I work: very closely with the talent, the writers, and above all play with the possibilities on hand and try new things,” he explained.

One of those new experiences was bringing on board the renowned director Roger Gual (Las Chicas del Cable) from Catalonia for the first part of the series. “It created a different work environment. I loved what we saw."

“It is always a challenge to film different stories, to take writers perhaps used to do the same type of things out of their comfort zone. In Latin America, people who commission are very afraid of experimenting. Everyone already has access to the series with complicated storytelling that are produced in the world. Why are we going to keep doing simple things? That is the effort we always make: to tell complex stories that the public in Mexico is more than ready and willing to consume. We are always looking to push new ideas,” he concluded.

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