Founders team

The Founders Phenomenon
19 de julio de 2020

The Founders agency, led by Tanya De Poli and Checha Agost Carreño, has grown in just eight months to include 15 talents from eight nationalities, four offices serving seven brands from different industries, and has even launched a product of its own. “We’re having an amazing year. What’s happening to us greatly exceeds our most optimistic forecasts,” said De Poll, the agency’s founder and COO.

Founders now does advertising for the Assist Card, which provides global aid for travelers in trouble; Heineken chose Founders as its agency of record for Red Stripe lager and assigned it two new markets where the Jamaica beer will soon be launched; Pied À Terre, the property-renting platform that will compete with Airbnb and Booking, is about to launch the campaign designed by the agency; and American Express awarded it a number of new projects. Founders also just won the Scotiabank account for the entire Caribbean, and is collaborating with Bio Tissue, a paper company developing eco-friendly products in Mexico.

Thanks to sustained growth since its launch, the agency has been called The Founders Phenomenon. “We were born and have grown with this pandemic. We have grown an outstanding team of talented professionals with admirable human qualities. We have grown in offices and also in clients. But for us, success is not measured either in revenues or in margins or in how much we can cut staff costs or in the number of clients. The most important metric is happy people,” CCO Agost Carreño said.

The freedom to focus on what its professionals truly believe in has been a primary element in the agency's performance during the year of its debut. “We believe that today we have the structure brands need - we are light, agile and quick in what we do. And today that is very valuable for brands that have to cut their budgets but want to keep making noise in their respective markets,” De Poli added.