José Alberto Castro

El Güero Castro starts new venture Entrelíneas to make scripts for TV, film, and the Internet
06 de agosto de 2015

José Alberto Castro, best known as el Güero Castro, successful producer of telenovelas for Televisa, launched a company to produce ideas, scripts and screenplays for TV, film and the Internet, both for the local Mexican industry and for the international market. The name of the new venture is Entrelíneas and it already has 8 experienced writers and its own offices in La Condesa, Mexico City. El Güero is the Executive Director and also a writer. Carlos Adalid is the 24-hour man, in the position of Operations Director. In a visit PRODU paid to their facilities Castro explained that having a story factory that produced scripts for the entertainment industry was an old dream. He said they were working in a tailor-made customized manner for their clients -in fact, they already have clients- but that their main asset was their team and the original ideas it produced. "We aren´t looking for dollars or pesos, but for our writers to fulfill their potential by materializing their ideas and stories in all genres for the consumption of the industry", he stated. El Güero, aside from being executive producer at Televisa with successful to his credit, is the actress Verónica Castro´s brother and father of the three daughters of the former actress Angélica Rivera, currently wife of the Mexican president Peña Nieto. Jokingly, his close friends call him ´the first ex of the Republic´. More info.