Ezequiel Olzanski from Gaumont, spoke about the new series which is based on the FIFA Gate scandals

El Presidente in the postproduction´s last stage
Ríchard Izarra / Miryana Márquez|06 de diciembre de 2019

Ezequiel Olzanski, Distribution and Co-Production VP for Latin America at Gaumont, spoke about the new series El Presidente, based on the FIFA Gate scandal.

“A series that has raised great expectation”, it will be launched worldwide on Amazon Prime Video in 2020. The producers are Gaumont, the Larraín from Fábula, and Kapow from Argentina, and Armado Bo, Academy Award winner for Birdman, has joined the project. The project is in the last stage of post-production, pointed out Olzanski.

He explained they have the expectation that after the success of Narcos, this new project that has all the conditions, to succeed as well, is following the same path. It is a series that is also awaited in the sports world.

On the other hand, the executive mentioned that a budget has to do with what you will see on the screen, of what you add in terms of talent, production. The other variable is that today we talk about international series and this enables higher budgets and making projects of a higher level.

“We are in the best historical moment of this industry because we are facing the possibility of generating content from any region on the planet".

He hopes that tomorrow no one speaks about where production comes from but about its level of quality instead. "We are coming out of a Hollywood Center universe to one in which we all have the same opportunities and will compete as equals".