Luis Miguel Messianu
Luis Miguel Messianu of alma: The virus has been a huge equalizer
19 de junio de 2020

ROL Digital College recently organized a webinar together with Luis Miguel Messianu, creative chairman and CEO of alma, during which he presented Optimism, the Best Vaccine against Covid-19, based on the concept of planet Earth living under house arrest. The metaphor left participants with a lot to think about.

“The virus has been a huge equalizer. It’s almost ironic that it has brought us all to our senses and makes us realize we are all in this together and that the war is against a very powerful, invisible enemy that does not discriminate. It proves to us that if one person suffers, we all do. It is the first time the entire world has faced a war against the same enemy in real time. It opens our eyes to what our treasures really are. It shows us how fragile life is. And, above all, it drives us to stand in solidarity with one another, and to focus on what is truly worthwhile in life: health, home, and family," Messianu said.

The creative added that despite what is happening, stories of human generosity and empathy abound. "Our most important job is to care for one another. The pandemic is revaluing our business. Good clients are going to understand that sometimes we can lose our perspective on what can be gained with a good idea. Advertising, more than my occupation, is my hobby. I have met wonderful people, I’ve had great clients, I have travelled and worked with extremely talented people. Those who say that advertising is seeing its last days are wrong. I think that advertising offers great possibilities. It is an enriching profession in every respect, emotionally above all."