Elda Bravo, Founder and Director at ACA Films

Elda Bravo from ACA Films: Entertainment Is Absolutely Confirmed To Be The New Reality of The Business

12 de enero de 2017

2016 was a year of transition, challenges and important and very positive accomplishments for ACA Films. That is what Elda Bravo, Founder and Director of the production company, expressed.

“The restructuring of the company to adapt to the new realities of the independent film, entertainment and advertising industries, was very wise" she stated. "The introduction of new talents in the production and direction area was an important success. The vision of what I wanted to achieve with these changes is giving me great satisfactions."

In 2016 great advertising and film productions were added, also new Directors joined the roster, such as Pedro Antonio Torres, Jorge Abarca and Simón Vallejo, and Imagen TV, the third and new open TV network in Mexico was launched.

For 2017, the company has great plans. They began to develop a feature film project with Jorge Abarca in Los Angeles, as well as two documentaries, with budgets approved for their pre-production. They have important branded content projects and continue producing an animated film in Mexico on the animals of the Latin American jungle that are in danger of extinction.

“Entertainment is absolutely confirmed to be the new reality of the business to grasp the audience. While this entertainment is included in independent film, branded content, virtual or augmented reality, those of us who are prepared for the demands of this new structure will move ahead without any major challenges" highlighted Bravo. "Those of us who have the experience and the determination to continue to produce high-quality content with limited budgets will continue to survive any challenge that may arise."