Elda Bravo, President and Founder at ACA Films

Elda Bravo from ACA Films: Transition to branded content has been very organic for us

Mara Fernández/ Manuela Walfenzao|06 de octubre de 2016

For the President and Founder at ACA Films, Elda Bravo, her 30 years of success in the industry has to do with developing high quality pieces, team work, and working always with transparency.

“I believe that my 10 years working side by side with agencies were of great learning, and complementing it with 20 years as producer has given me a very complete view of the business. That's how you make a difference” she explained. It makes her proud and fill with joy that many production houses that are her competitors, they used to be part of her teams.

It's very important for ACA FILMS to boost and support new talents, specially women. For 15 years the production house has been key in launching careers for women Directors such as Julia de la Rosa, Elena Maclean, María Jordá, Lorena Orraca, Erika Grothe and Bárbara Barbera.

Facing the marketing evolution, Bravo considers that “traditional advertising we use to know two decades ago is in extinction, it's being replaced by branded content and entertainment. Now audiences are more sophisticated, more informed and more demanding in all senses.”

ACA FILM has produced several projects in this new style, both in Mexico and the U.S. “I'm an active member of the independent film community of Hollywood, that's the reason why most of our Directors are filmmakers and are very familiar with this new genre; transition has been very organic.”