Gustavo Loza (Above: Loza celebrating his 50th birthday embracing Pepe)

Elefantec adds three projects by Gustavo Loza
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|21 de febrero de 2020

Gustavo Loza, writer, producer and director of Adicta Films, returns to work with Pepe Bastón (former Televisa), now both as independent professionals, by closing an agreement with Bastón´s production and distribution company Elefantec Global, to develop diverse projects: “We are bringing three very different and diverse projects". 

He mentions that in the relation with Bastón, which dates back many years and “is now insuperable”, he created and directed several series for Televisa, starting in 2007 with El Pantera, after that Los Héroes del Norte, with three seasons, becoming pioneers in open TV with high-caliber series, before the boom of platforms with their international series; Cloroformo, a series that talks about the boxing phenomenon; Sincronía, launched in 2017 and will be on Blim, as well as 40 y 20, of which he made four seasons. “My relation with Pepe is super good, now more than ever. We have been speaking for over a year and a half, and now that he is independent like me, we have reached an agreement to develop several projects," stated Bastón in an exclusive interview for PRODU.

He explained that they will work from Los Angeles, Miami, and Mexico, where Elefantec Global has offices. “An amazing dream team is being set up. I am very pleased that Carlos Martínez (former FOX) became part of the team officially” he expressed. He also worked with Martínez previously when he created and directed Run Coyote Run for FOX.

Loza reiterated that he is still in different projects with Adicta Films, in conversation with several TV stations. Regarding Run Coyote Run he said that the third season will be aired in upcoming months on FOX.