Alma Berruecos, Mara Fernández, Angie Ariza and Paola Corella

The real crime in 2020 will be if we don´t change, says Paula Corella of Founders
08 de septiembre de 2020

Angie Ariza, Alma Berruecos and Paula Corella of the Founders Agency presented during the FIAP Face to Face Webinar – On the Way to the Innovation Summit 2021, a presentation entitled Dopamine, Egotism and Destruction. In the event chaired by Mara Fernandez last Tuesday, Sept. 8, the participants explored the need for urgent changes in the marketing & advertising industry.

Corella described the destruction as the result of unlearning and reconstructing what was previously taken for granted. "We are at the point of truly questioning what we do and changing the processes for doing it. People require personalization and demand changes, which makes us question the way we construct messages aimed at our target audiences. There is a need for change in companies, which to start with need simpler structures. We are tearing down patterns, but to do this we must leave advertising egotism aside and see how to change in order to generate effective ideas. The real crime in 2020 will be not changing."

Ariza recommended that all brands conduct profound reviews of their user experience and of all client experiences to make sure which tech trends are most appropriate for them to adopt.

“Not all brands are equal. We now see many brands growing organically. They are born with the DNA of trial and error, but brands that did not grow with that process must realize that trial and error is now a part of marketing. Today they must be willing to generate these changes internally," Berruecos said.