Elyse Estrada of Aleph: Every time there’s a Cannes Lions, something new pops us
11 de julio de 2022

For Elyse Estrada, CMO at Aleph, “every time there’s a Cannes Lions Festival, something new pops up.” She mentioned trends like cryptography and the non-fungible token (NFT) among other important new breakthroughs, “since all this is going to change our business.” She added that being able to communicate that kind of information from a location like the festival in order to distribute it across 90 markets on four different continents and four different platforms where Aleph has a presence “is the great service we have to offer.”  

Estrada noted that Cannes provided a chance to make a name for her company. “We’ve been known as IMS in Latin America, we’ve been known as HD Poland in Europe, Ad Dynamo in Africa, Connect Ads in the MENA region, and we wanted to be able to show the whole world that we’re Aleph,” the global enabler of digital advertising.
“For us it’s a kind of brand exercise to make the market understand once more what Aleph is, what we do, and why Latin America and other regions should have focused solely on digital platforms when there are so many services like Ubers of the World and flip cards and Instacart and Hulu, HBO and Disney, all of which need advertising and we can satisfy that need,” said Estrada. And because of that, she said, Cannes “is also a chance for us to start different conversations and open the eyes of people who were not necessarily interested in us before.”