Gerardo Brandy from Nippur Media partnered with Edward Sabin, former A+E Networks and Discovery Channel and TLC, to form Embarcadero Pictures

Embarcadero Pictures developing content in English
04 de junio de 2020

Gerardo Brandy, director of Nippur Media Latam partnered with Edward Sabin, former A+E Networks and former Discovery Channel and TLC, to create Embarcadero Pictures, a new production company based in Los Angeles, to fulfill the dream of developing and producing content in English in Latin America for the Anglo market in the US.

For a year, Brandy had been talking with Sabin, whom he met when he was producing the Latin American version of Desafío Sobre Fuego. “Together, we found there is a possibility of specific work, a niche that had not been very much exploited, and although the launch coincided with this pandemic we are all suffering it is not casual, we believe there is a great opportunity for us to finally start producing in Latin America for the domestic US market, something many of us have longed for since long ago, but US executives were afraid of taking the risk of producing abroad for their own market in English."

Brandy commented that they are already working on projects with producers and showrunners in the US for the most renowned signals and companies. The model will allow being competitive in the market, because having Nippur Media based in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Miami, they can do it at significantly low costs, counting with creative talent in the US.

“We are convinced that we can do it and very well," He comments that the quality between what they have done in the US and in Latin America is no different, What is different are the budgets we work with, and that is something we want to make the most of."
Brandy has produced versions of local formats such as The Real World Mexico, What Not to Wear, Drunk History, Dual Survival, Forged in Fire, and also their own formats such as the multi-awarded show Mexicánicos and Palazuelos Mirrey for international networks like Discovery, A+E, Viacom and Netflix.

Due to the agreement, the services and production resources of Nippur Media will be exclusive of Embarcadero Pictures in the US and other territories in English.

Watch the exclusive announcement of Gerardo Brandy from Embarcadero Pictures