Emiliano Saccone launched Cocina, a content producer and digital platform co-founded by Aarón Sánchez, chef and co-star of Masterchef in the US

Emiliano Saccone launched production company Cocina
Cynthia Plohn|30 de abril de 2021

After his passage through FOX and FAV! Networks, of which he was one of its founders, Emiliano Saccone launched Cocina, a content production company and a digital platform whose co-founder is Aarón Sánchez, chef and co-star of Masterchef in the US.

“My initial idea with Cocina was to raise the standards of Latino kitchens in order to reach non-Latino fans as well. We currently have 3.5 million fans, but we also have established content alliances with Discovery US Hispanic and with Adsmovil, reaching 122 million people,” Saccone told PRODU.

Saccone referred to the creation, together with Adsmovil and HipHopTV, of Adsmovil Studio, a new content studio that combines creation and storytelling with the largest digital advertising network aimed at Hispanics in the United States.

“Adsmovil is a platform with access to many premium Hispanic publishers and with all kinds of cutting-edge technologies for campaign optimization and targeting, and Cocina is the one that generates the creativity plus the production of branded content for brands. When both combined, the result is exponential,” explained the executive.

The company also plans to launch an OTT, a market with great potential in the region, according to Federico Gagliardone, partner and COO of Cocina. For the executive, the landing of major players and the improvement of Internet services, agreements with mobile companies, and the massive size of countries such as Brazil "will generate a large supply of inventory that will soon find direct and programmatic demand," he said.