Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital

Emilio Aliaga joined the TV Azteca team as VP of Azteca Digital
04 de enero de 2018

Benjamín Salinas, CEO of Grupo TV Azteca, announced on Wednesday, January 3 that they are adding Emilio Aliaga as VP of Azteca Digital, reporting directly to Alberto Ciurana, general director of Content and Distribution.

Emilio Aliaga has more than 22 years of experience working in some of the most important media companies, where he has been outstanding in the creation of multiplatform contents and new technologies. Until December 2016 and for four years, he directed the development of contents and operation of social and digital networks at Univision. Previously, for more than 10 years, he took part in several digital projects at Televisa Interactive Media in Mexico. In the last year, Aliaga was a partner of the SWS consulting company, helping media companies throughout the continent optimize their results and capitalize on the opportunities of the digital world.

Diego Leonel, who, until this designation directed TV Azteca’s digital area (his vision, commitment, and experience being key in the achievements the TV station has reached in the last few years) will now join new projects in Grupo Salinas.

The arrival of new talents, such as Ciurana, Sandra Smester y Adrián Ortega Echegollén, Executive Programming VP at Azteca Uno and VP of Azteca 7 and Cable, respectively, are part of the reinvention that the TV station has embarked upon since it is under the direction of Benjamín Salinas to become a dynamic and agile company that is a reflection of current times to confirm their leadership and long-term growth plans.