The cast along with executives from Telemundo and Globo TV

Emilio Romano: Marido en alquiler, novela with most extensive pre-production in Telemundo history

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de julio de 2013

PRODU attended the screening of the new Telemundo production Marido en Alquiler. It’s the second co-production with Globo TV of Brazil, an adaptation of the telenovela Fina Estampa. The event featured the cast of the novela and some of Telemundo Media top executives such as network president Emilio Romano, Telemundo Internacional president Marcos Santana, and Aurelio Valcárcel, executive VP of Telemundo Studios Miami. Also in attendance were Globo TV executives such as Ricardo Scalamandré, Director of International Business of Globo, and Guilherme Bokel, executive director of International Entertainment of Globo. Romano said producing this adaptation is a historic moment for Telemundo. “It’s the novela with the most extensive preparation and pre-production brought to our screen. It also has one of the largest casts of any Telemundo telenovela,” he added. Scalamandré said he is in love with the project. “I expected it to be good, but I think it’s incredible: the cast, the lights, the production and the rhythm. I hope this is only one of many productions we’re going to do together. It’s a great partnership,” he added. Santana mentioned the adaptation deal was signed during Natpe 2012 at a Globo screening. PRODU also interviewed the executives in charge of production both for Globo (Bokel) and for Telemundo Studios Miami (Valcárcel). For Bokel, the main difference between this version and the original is its pace, while Valcárcel indicated that this second production provided a great learning experience.