Marina Filippelli

Marina Filippelli of Orci: Our family of creatives and strategists has capitalized its agile, adaptable nature
21 de julio de 2020

More than a month after being appointed CEO of Orci, Marina Filippelli recounted what it was like being at the head of a leading multicultural agency in the United States.

“I assumed my new role as CEO in an entirely natural way. The transition was organic, thanks in part to my coordination with Andrew Orci, former CEO and current chairman of the board. I had the huge opportunity to perform an important role in the repositioning we recently did from multicultural marketing to multi-segment marketing, which in turn helped strengthen my leadership role in the agency," Filippelli said.

According to the executive, her rise is part of the experience she has accumulated at Orci, "a family of creatives and strategists that I feel honored to lead."

Few women in the Hispanic ad industry hold the position of CEO of a creative agency, and Filippelli said she will always feel indebted to those who helped her get there. “The best way to return the favor,” she said, “is by doing the same for other women, especially for women of younger generations." She insists that women should support each other mutually in this and in every other industry. "We also have the pending task of continuing to redefine femininity - as well as masculinity - eliminating any stereotypes that limit our potential. That’s why I want to continue raising my voice in the industry every time I have the chance to do so."

Regarding the current climate in terms of new business opportunities and processes, the executive maintained that uncertainty still rules in many industries, and advertising is no exception. "We’re seeing extremely important changes in the economic and social realms, not only as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, but also because of this global movement that seeks a society free of racism and prejudice."

As for business opportunities, she said that Orci has capitalized the agile and adaptable nature that identifies it to face the pandemic. "We recently accomplished several goals with Chevron ExtraMile and Stella Artois. I think it’s essential to maintain our focus, grasp the steering wheel, remain in solidarity with others and offer hope."