Jorge Ulloa, Andrés Centeno, Juan Manuel Rowland, and Bastian Manintveld

Enchufe TV: Digital content must be honest
08 de marzo de 2019

How brands can create quality digital content without sacrificing creativity was the main topic covered by Jorge Ulloa, director of Enchufe TV; Andrés Centeno, Executive Producer of Enchufe TV; Bastian Manintveld, Executive president 2btube, and Juan Manuel Rowland, Talent, Production and Business Development EVP for the Americas at 2btube, on the panel Creando Branded Content Que No Aburra in the context of the Advertising Week LatAm in Mexico City.

Ulloa said that Enchufe TV was born out of a legitimate need: its creators, all filmmakers, couldn't find quality content on the Internet, they presented a TV pilot that was rejected and they went to the platform that was free. Today, it is the #1 channel in Spanish in the comedy genre, renown in the industry due to its creativity in content generation.

“Digital media accompanies the audience in their most intimate moments, and that is why they are closer. This is the reason why we feel the need, to be honest. We had several ways to present sponsored content and decided to be honest. Today, this is our second most watched content,” he stated.

Andrés Centeno said that each brand they work with poses a different challenge. “How to convey the message to 20 million subscribers to the channel and 30 million more on other social networks? We are working from our audience to our audience.”

For his part, Manintveld and Rowland highlighted that although it is not easy to interrupt entertainment to deliver brands´ messages, it is possible to do it with creativity and communication with clients. “Experience has proven that the process is to launch, analyze, learn and relaunch, together with perseverance,” assured Rowland.

The channel Top de Oro for Corona in the soccer season was presented as a success case on 2btube, while Enchufe TV presented a branded content campaign with Movistar.