Michelle Wasserman

Endemol: 80% of the developments made by Kuarzo Endemol Argentina are placed internationally

Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|23 de mayo de 2017

Kuarzo Endemol Argentina contributes to the catalog of Endemol Shine Latino several formats that travel well around the world: A Todo o Nada, Cuestión de Peso, El Último Pasajero, are some.

Michelle Wasserman, who handles Endemol Shine Group´s business in Argentina, where the productions are carried out by Kuarzo Endemol, said that 80% of Kuarzo Endemol´s developments are placed internationally and around 40% of Endemol Shine Group´s programs aired in Latin America are of Argentinean origin.

Kuarzo Endemol has presence in the four Argentinean commercial channels. On Canal 9 with El show Del Problema; on América TV, after the successful return of Big Brother, they are preparing a new reality show; on Telefe with Cortá por Lozano and the recently ended Despedida de Solteros; and on eltrece with Nosotros al Mediodía, Cuestión de Peso (ninth season) and two specials that stemmed from A Todo o Nada: Las Puertas and Los Perros.

Las Puertas and Los Perros were created as a weekly section of an afternoon show (A Todo o Nada) and today have turned into daily programs on prime time with an identity of their own. They are both presented at the LA Screenings under the titles in English Bet On Your Dog and Doors, together with The Wall, a family game show that combines ability and chance, and Tu Cara No Me Suena Todavía (Your Face Almost Sounds Familiar).