Francisco Ramos from Netflix, Danae Kokenos from Amazon, Juliana Algañaraz from Endemol, Tomás Davison from MGM, Bernarda Duarte from Roku and the chairman Alan Sokol from Hemisphere

Endemol: It is a new moment for content production
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de enero de 2019

In the talk The Executive POV, in the context of the Latin American Summit Part 3 at NATPE 2019, the participants highlighted that now Latino content is traveling around the world, that distribution barriers have been broken. The talk was chaired by Alan Sokol, president and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group.

“It is a new moment for content production. We must keep an open mind,” expressed Juliana Algañaraz, general manager of Endemol Shine Brazil. She added that Endemol has content made in the region that travels for the first time to Europe.

For her part, Bernarda Duarte, director of Content Acquisition at Roku, highlighted that they have broken distribution barriers

Algañaraz mentioned the success story of MasterChef. “We are proof that content travels, ideas travel,” she said and added that MasterChef had 40 million TV viewers on Bandeirantes, 6 million on YouTube and that Fridays it is aired on Discovery´s Home & Health signal. “You need to share the income if you want your model to work out,” she explained.

Danae Kokenos, Head of Content for Latin America at Amazon Prime Video, said that good content travels.