Frank Scheuermann: Focusing on the creation and repositioning of high-quality formats

Endemol Shine Boomdog: Our goal is to produce 15 to 16 entertainment formats a year
Aliana González, Mexico City|27 de julio de 2022

Endemol Shine Boomdog, together with its SVP and director of the Entertainment area, Frank Scheuermann, is focusing on the creation and repositioning of high-quality formats, MasterChef -one of its classics -, premiering on TV Azteca on August 21, and the second season of its Celebrity's version.

“In the non-scripted department we are working on developing new projects of our own, now we have on air La Casa de Los Famosos, MasterChef Celebrity soon to be released, but we are also working so 2023 is as prolific as this year when we did almost 16 different projects. The goal is to repeat that number of content, both in Mexico and other countries per year, in addition to co-productions. We aim to work with as many clients as possible taking into account our large catalog of content and extensive experience over many years. When talking about non-scripted movies we have to talk about Endemol Shine Boomdog” he said.

As for trends, Scheuermann said that these have diversified with the rise of streaming platforms. Now producers aim to distinguish themselves from the rest, not only by reaching different countries with the same product, "they want something that is not out there now." A couple of years ago, riddle shows such as La Máscara became a trend, but now we will see more formats produced 10 or 15 years ago, classics that were successful and we want them to succeed again”.

Scheuermann, who joined Endemol Shine at the beginning of 2022, has 26 years of experience in the TV world, of which 22 have been devoted to non-scripted: “During these years I have produced most of the big formats such as Got Talent, Factor X, Survivor. I did a lot of work for Televisa; for TV Azteca, Escape Perfecto, and I was part of the purchase of Enamorándonos”.

With this experience, he will focus on searching for and creating new formats, without neglecting those he calls "cadillacs" such as MasterChef, Big Brother, Survivor, "that have already 20 or 30 seasons on the air, even twice a year, with celebrities, normal or junior, because they are bullet-proof and our favourites. But there is also a greater diversity of windows to place the different formats, whether they are now 44, 60 or 120 minutes in length”.

Finally, he said that the Celebrity's version of MasterChef allowed him to work for the second time on this project: “We are grateful they gave us the opportunity to have this great brand on TV Azteca and take advantage that programs with celebrities are giving a lot to talk about. We are happy to continue developing this format hand in hand with this TV network.”