Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog

Endemol Shine Boomdog: Soon the cast of Súbete a Mi Moto will be announced
Aliana González|16 de agosto de 2019

Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog, revealed that very soon there will be news about the production they are making together with SOMOS Productions from SOMOS Group and Piñolywood Studios, Súbete a Mi Moto.

“There is a very demanding production plan, that is going to make the mnost of locations in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and new announcements are coming. We will soon know the faces that represent the band, as well as who our distribution partners are,” he said.

He expressed that they are very happy with the process, and that the script work is going very well. "Now, with the final reviews we realize it is absolutely intereting. It implied honest research, entirely interesante, adhered to reality, as far as is known. We cannot make up things that are not there, and that were public. What we are going to see are things that are of public domain and tell the story of how the people who were close saw them," he announced.

He also mentioned that they are holding meetings for the development of several projects, and the ones that have already been revealed continue their course, such as Joaquín Sabina. Regarding Hijos de Tigre, a collaboration with Televisa, they are closing business. "It is a big project and it must be done carefully," he highlighted.