Treicy Benavides, Endemol´s Executive Producer of MasterChef Latino 2

Endemol: We raised the culinary experience in this season of MasterChef Latino
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de julio de 2019

One of the goals that Endemol strived to fulfill in the second season of MasterChef Latino with Telemundo was to raise participants´ culinary experience.

“One of the great things we were able to apply this year, which we couldn´t do last year because of time constrictions, was that between each shooting of the program, we gave participants cooking lessons. It is our interest to see culinary progress of all the participants,” stressed Treicy Benavides, Endemol´s executive producer of MasterChef Latino 2.

Benavides comments that it has been very interesting to see how each contestant applies the knowledge acquired in the challenges and competitions the production has for them the following day.

Another great lesson from the second edition of the competition was that production gave participants the opportunity to be evaluated for the top 15, based on dishes that represented them. “They were evaluated according to the dish that said where they were from and who they were,” she added-

Additionally, on this occasion, the judges were much more involved in the content of the show, which made “the process very entertaining,” expressed Benavides.