Alejandro Rincón, CEO of EndemolShine Boomdog

EndemolShine Boomdog: At MIPCOM we will have business meetings with other companies from our group
Aliana González, Mexico City|14 de octubre de 2022

An important representation of EndemolShine Boomdog will be attending MIPCOM reported Alejandro Rincón, CEO of the company. Additionally to Rincon, the group includes Frank Scheuermann, Senior VP Head of Unscripted; Jerry Rodríguez, Senior VP Head of Unscripted; Javier Pérez Teuffer, Senior VP of Operations and Business, and Clara Machado, Head of Development. Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic will also attend, with Marie Leguizamo and her team.

“We are very excited to resume Mipcom after two years. The whole group is going to participate, with some 200 people from all over the world and it is going to be an extraordinary opportunity to meet in Cannes and get together," said Rincón, He added that prior to the trip, they will hold a preparatory meeting in London, UK, to plan presentations, a showcase of third-party formats and events related to creative developments.

They will take Banijay's large formats, as well as original developments that will be showcased at MIPCOM, both scripted and non-scripted. "There are group formats that are causing a lot of buzz around the world, which we are going to be promoting hard," he said.

He explained that this meeting of the entire group is a tradition, and after the pandemic, it will be the first time they meet in person after a long time, so it will be an important event. For this reason, Mipcom, in addition to being an opportunity to meet clients and do business, will allow them to exchange ideas, formats, know-how, and close co-production agreements with other companies of the group.

For Rincon, although all markets are important, Mipcom has a special meaning for the group, since the company is European, they have a history with this market, as well as being an accessible destination for many.

After the activation of face-to-face markets, this year they are postponing their upfront, which although has been a useful, successful, and functional tool, they decided to give priority to face-to-face meetings because the one-one has a great effect on their clients. “However, we are not ruling it out in the future,” he said. The first time they did the upfront was at the beginning of 2021, in response to the covid 19 pandemic.