Frank Scheuermann, SVP and director of Entertainment at EndemolShine Boomdog

EndemolShine Boomdog: We optimized the production process of La Casa de Los Famosos 2
Aliana González, Mexico City|05 de agosto de 2022

Frank Scheuermann, SVP and director of Entertainment at EndemolShine Boomdog, noted that they have optimized the production process of La Casa de Los Famosos 2 (The House of Celebrities), emphasizing on the technology that helps select the video material recorded by the 56 cameras during 24 hours to be very efficient and accurate when assembling each program that is aired.

“We learned how to use it during the first season. But for the second one we trained which allowed us to make a more specialized use of it,” he explained.

The second season of La Casa de los Famosos, which is broadcast by Telemundo, ends the week of August 8 with a special program the following Sunday. The casting is also where they put a lot of effort and has been key for the format's success.

"I feel very comfortable with the team and with the current workflow," he said, adding that between the first and second seasons they have perfected and enhanced many of the production processes, so the 400-people team works very smoothly.

“The talent is giving us their own opinions and emotions. It is not an easy show, because it 's done live with some packages that are edited during the same day, all that happened that day is shown at night. There are even instant moments that are aired live. It has been a success regarding viewership and response from the public, but also regarding learning,” he said. The third season has not yet been confirmed.

For Frank Scheuermann, in addition to having a wonderful human team, it has also been a great experience in communicating with the client, in which both sides have contributed to achieving the best possible program.

“This format is the most important in the world, it's the father of reality formats. Worldwide it is a franchise that is growing because people are paying attention to this type of show. A giant wave of La Casa de Los Famosos is coming regionally,” he said. He added that they would be delighted to record from Mexico to other countries that want to produce the format since the house where it's set is very well equipped. “We are prepared to host any country. The house is a great investment, and we have learned from past seasons.”

EndemolShine Boomdog had just had a very interesting week, as they were number one in the US with La Casa de Los Famosos (Telemundo), but they also were leaders on Sunday with Me Caigo de Risa (Televisa), and at the premiere of the original ¿Cuál es el Bueno? (Televisa), which also had the preference of the audience.