Luisa Collins, VP of News Social Affairs and Wellness for Entravision

Entravision’s news programming lineup moving to Azteca America San Diego
20 de junio de 2017

Entravision Communications Corporation announced that beginning July 3, 2017, the local news programming lineup for XHAS-TV will make an affiliation change to Azteca America in the San Diego market.

The new affiliation partnership will allow Entravision the opportunity to strengthen its connection across multiple platforms to the diverse Latino audience who make San Diego and Tijuana their home.

Entravision’s news programming, which includes local and national news, entertainment, weather and sports will be carried throughout Azteca America’s daily broadcast. The San Diego station will produce a total of one hour and a half of local news from 5-6pm and 11-11:30pm PT from Monday to Friday each week.

The early evening newscast will be anchored by Martin Borchardt. With more than 14 years of experience, Borchardt is one of the best-known anchors in the San Diego market. The 11pm newscast will be anchored by Estephanía Báez and Aranzazú Álvarez.

“Exceeding expectations, creating exceptional content and providing the most up to the minute news to our audience has always been our main goal at Entravision. With our continued commitment to local news in Spanish, and with our Emmy award winning news team, we are able to grow, inform and educate our audience,” said Luisa Collins, VP of News Social Affairs and Wellness for Entravision.

“Entravision is committed to being the Latino community’s trusted local news voice not only in San Diego, but in the 22 markets in which we provide local newscasts. Now more than ever, we see viewers gravitating towards our unique Spanish-language local news broadcasts. This makes us the undisputed Spanish language local news leader in the market. We are extremely proud to serve the ever-growing community,” said Jeffery Liberman, president and Chief Operating Officer for Entravision.