Victor Kong, CEO of Entravision Cisneros Interactive

Entravision Cisneros Interactive: We seek to position ourselves as the leading digital advertising solutions company in the world
17 de junio de 2022

Recently, Entravision Cisneros Interactive announced its new commercial brand in Latin America with the aim to make its digital advertising solutions offer even more solid in the region. This change ratifies the sustained growth of the company in its quest to be consolidated as a global leader.

“This strategy will allow us to have access to partnerships with top-tier companies that seek allies with a global footprint. Hand in hand with Entravision our operation can continue growing to other territories and will only consolidate even more our already strong relationships with existing commercial partners” expressed Victor Kong, CEO of Entravision Cisneros Interactive.

With over 4,000 advertisers in 18 markets in Latin America, the new division Entravision Cisneros Interactive adds exclusive and unique commercial representations with Meta, Spotify, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Anzu, a global leader in advertising within electronic games. In addition to revolutionizing other assets focused on providing mobile advertising services and Audio.Ad, Ad-Network is unique and a leader in the digital marketing in audio.

“That is why the main challenge is to add synergies and new partnerships, in the aim to position ourselves as the leading digital advertising solutions company worldwide, serving emerging economies" added Kong.

It is estimated that by 2022 the total expense of digital advertising in Latin America will grow 15% and continue increasing, in such a way that digital advertising will become the second most important media in the region, representing a third of the total advertising investment.