José María Pumarino, writer, producer and director

Entre Musas y Demonios: Angeles Inc. a product that bets on being transmedia

Vanessa Maldonado|17 de agosto de 2018

Angeles Inc. is the name of the transmedia product by the writer, producer and director José María Pumarino, who, through his production company Entre Musas y Demonios, will have a web series that will show the process behind the shooting, and another one that will give continuity to the story.

“We are currently in the postproduction stage, but different distributors in Mexico, the US and Europe are interested in taking it to the big screen; additionally, I am already in conversations with TV stations and digital platforms for the series. The web series #DiarioDeUnaPelícula narrates the creation, production, shooting and postproduction process of this series and it will be shown in movie theaters before the projection. We have already finished the first two seasons and are in the process of making the third,” he commented.

Pumarino highlighted that a second series will be released after the film is projected in movie theaters, now giving continuity to the characters and when the film ends: "It will show the process we went through to take it to movie theaters. We already have the story arch of the two seasons and want to show them on TV or a digital platform. I want to make contents that are short but emotionally concise.”