Eric Tourtel, Senior VP at Teads Latin America

Eric Tourtel From Teads: What Is Going To Revolutionize The Industry Is Execution

Manuela Walfenzao|31 de agosto de 2017

Eric Tourtel, Senior VP at Teads Latin America, told PRODU that video, mobile and programmatic are not trends, but established realities. He highlighted that today programmatic accounts for up to 75% of digital ad traffic in the U.S., while video represented more than 50% of the digital ad spend, according to the Video Ad Spend Study by IAB, and that in Latin America, more than 40% of the investment in digital advertising this year will be in mobile format, according to the Worldwide Ad Spending by eMarketer Forecast 2017.

“Knowing all this, I can state that what is going to revolutionize the industry is execution. I think that what is going to change is the way these channels are used, in the formats with artificial intelligence, that are increasingly more interactive, through bots and any type of call-to-action” he explained. He added that it is also necessary to develop the connection between absolutely everything, including out-of-home, radio, and other devices.

To weather this ocean of changes and continue to communicate effectively with your audiences, Tourtel recommended the industry to unite around four pillars, quoting Marc Pritchard, CBO at Procter & Gamble. “The first, viewability, regardless of how much you want to, if people don't see an ad, you don't sell anything. Second, transparency. It is time for advertisers to know exactly what they are buying. The third point is the measurement by third parties because it is time now to stop having big companies decide how and what has to be measured. I think that whoever is paying is the one who has to decide how he is going to measure the result of his campaign, not the one who is selling it. And fourth is to eliminate fraud. That a robot sees your ad does not contribute anything at all" he said.

To end, he said that Teads plans to continue contributing to the growth of the ad industry. "If this industry advances, we will grow with it. Besides, we want to clean the ecosystem and help improve the quality of our clients' ads, uniting the aspects of creativity and technology in a single execution effort."