Érik Zuckermann, general director of The Agency

Érik Zuckermann from The Agency about fiction production boom in Mexico: It is a trend that will continue and it comes from the US
12 de agosto de 2016

Érik Zuckermann, general director of The Agency, stated that in the last few months they had had more work than in the 4 years since the company was created. It is dedicated to general productions, handling talent and serving as an agent for Mexican and international entertainment companies. He informed that in Mexico they are making 23 fiction productions simultaneously, an unprecedented number in the country. He thinks this boom is due to the higher competition there is now in the market and to new players that are now making fiction, particularly superseries, a genre that came to stay in the entire region. "There are companies that only used to make series and are now making superseries; there are companies that only used to produce in Colombia and are now producing in Mexico; others that only used to generate realities and are now starting with fiction, plus the new players that have recently entered the market, such as OTTs.” He pointed out that this trend was going to continue and that it came from the US, where they went from making 150 to 400 series a year. He also emphasized that the US had returned to Mexico to produce films and TV shows and to hire services, due to the currency exchange that was favorable for them. As for the changes that Televisa is making to its flagship channel, el Canal de las Estrellas, he commented that they had implemented a formula to make their novelas shorter, and that they were betting on series, but that he didn't think those changes were going to alter the channel’s DNA nor affect their audience in any way.