Ernesto Adduci, SVP, Account Director at LAPIZ

Ernesto Adduci at LAPIZ: We Live For Those Extraordinary Things That Clients Sometimes Let Us Do
15 de marzo de 2017

Ernesto Adduci, SVP, Account Director at LAPIZ, wrote a post at where he talks about his experience of producing an installation in Berlin for the Mexican Tourism Board last year. He focused on the idea that when you travel for work, you travel for art.

The installation for the world's leading travel expo in Berlin was very creative, but not easy. After a long trip, he had to work outdoors in the winter to install a humongous sign that read “Sun Open till 8:00 pm, visit” The neon message was wrapped in ice, that was melted by the same neon, powered by solar energy collected in Mexico. “The Mexican sun melted even the coldest winter in Germany” he explained.

“People think that when you travel for production it's all fun, fancy restaurants and people pampering you all the time” he said. Part of the installation included getting the neon letters frozen, but this task took more time than expected. After four days with no massages, no energy shots, no fancy restaurants, the result was amazing, he wrote. “Our work got some major awards, and the client was happy. I was too.”

Adduci is going back to Berlin on what he calls one of those crazy trips "for the love of art, for the love of our work” he said. “The stuff we do every day is rewarding, but these extraordinary things that clients sometimes let us do are what we live for. I will happily do it again, and again, and again. If the advertising Gods leave two hours to play, I might take a David Bowie tour. Stay tuned!” he concluded.