Foro´s TV Es la Hora de Opinar is hosted by the journalist Leo Zuckermann, brother of the producer Erik Zuckermann
Es la Hora de Opinar turns 10
28 de febrero de 2020

Es la Hora de Opinar, a program hosted by the journalist Leo Zuckermann, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. It started at the same time that ForoTV, Televisa´s news channel, which is also celebrating its anniversary.

In its 10pm slot, it has positioned itself as the best program in its genre in Mexico, and a reference for the region. Having its own Facebook page has helped increase its audience and has given it the benefits of digital platforms, such as access to all the programs at any time.

Zuckermann, brother of the producer Erik Zuckermann, widely covered by PRODU, combines pleasant news with his knowledge and intelligence as a host. The Monday space has three fixed guests who have accompanied him in this first decade: Javier Tello, Jorge Castañeda and Héctor Aguilar. All academics, cultivated and with a broad understanding of the history of Mexico, its neighbor and the world in general, and the best thing is that they use a current and colloquial discourse that pleases and teaches the general audience. This successful mix has made its Monday the standard of the series.

For some Mexicans and Hispanics residing in the United States, Es La Hora de Opinar has become essential and more accurate in the information and political opinion of what is happening in Mexico and the United States.

Congratulations to its producers and the channel that has allowed them that freedom to comment.