Special International Women’s Day
Liz Unamo|07 de marzo de 2022

This year the United Nations Organization, in order to commemorate International Women’s Day, warned that gender inequality is essentially a question of power in a world dominated by men, for which reason the existing power relations between the sexes badly need to be reversed.

More women are needed as heads of companies and governments, among other leading positions, which means gender equality and more inclusive policies must continue to be promoted.

PRODU has prepared a special report that hails the leadership of women and their contributions to the advertising industry to make this a more just and sustainable world. This edition enjoyed the participation of Flor Leibaschoff of BeautifulBeast; Ingrid Otero-Smart of Casanova//McCann; Tanya De Poli of Founders; Paola Aldaz of DDB Colombia; Isabel Cerdeira of Zenith & Spark; and Luisa Pinto of Alvarado Molina, while honoring 10 of the most important women in the mobile marketing industry.