Mauricio Francini

Mauricio Francini of Central Films: The pandemic Scenario Isn`t That Daunting For Us Since Brands Must Keep Communicating
Liz Unamo|13 de abril de 2020

For many production companies, COVID-19 presents a challenge that includes economic maneuvers to meet their payrolls and finding new ways to operate remotely. "Up to now we haven`t had problems with programmed payments from our clients, and though we have high fixed operating expenses, we continue to meet our payroll. We want to take care of all our collaborators," said Mauricio Francini, executive producer of Central Films.

For example, he said, production companies in Mexico are preparing commercials with all the director´s indications and script requirements that the actors will have to follow: "We visualize projects with all the details of how we’ll carry them out when the situation allows doing so. We also present others to be made remotely. In short, we work in teams with agencies and clients to find the best solutions."

He insists on being optimistic as a way to overcome the situation caused by the coronavirus. “I think the scenario for our industry isn`t that daunting. Brands need to keep communicating with their consumers and will continue to require professionals to work together with them to produce those communications."