Adam Sands, Advertising Sales VP at ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes: Advertisers seek to broaden their media mix beyond linear TV

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de junio de 2019

The trends that Adam Sands, Advertising Sales VP at ESPN Deportes, sees in the market is that advertisers seek to expand their media mix, not only in linear TV, but beyond. “This is a great focus point,” he added.

Another trend is that brands are seeking to advertise on other sports, and not just soccer, to reach Hispanic audiences. “NBA, USC in particular are sports that reach different audiences, maybe much more than traditional Hispanic media. There is great interest from advertisers in doing more around those disciplines,” he said.

For the executive the focal points of ad sales this year are to continue talking about audiences since ESPN Deportes has had a strong year in ratings. Another important aspect is the digital scope in conjunction with linear TV. “We spend a great deal of time talking with advertisers about how to reach Hispanic audience beyond TV,” he expressed.

Regarding media consolidation that is happening more frequently, Sands commented that the benefits it includes are the fact that it allows marketers to have a single source to reach extense and varied audiences. “From the point of view of Hispanic media, it allows us to place together two brands-ESPN Deportes and Nat Geo Mundo-to address our partners better. This season we are selling jointly ESPN Deportes and Nat Geo Mundo. Many advertisers have historically bought both through two different sales entities, now they can do it through a single one,” he explains.

As for the advertiser categories that accompany them, he commented that the main ones are beers, automotive and insurance, which remain strong, and the new lines that are emerging, such as tech companies, streaming services (OTT), travel services, banks and film studios. “They all recognize that live premium sport moves their businesses."