Reportajes Especiales

ESPN Deportes premieres new show Reportajes Especiales

05 de agosto de 2014

Adapted from a popular segment on SportsCenter, ESPN Deportes created new monthly show Reportajes Especiales, premiering Thursday, August 7 at 7:30pm. Reportajes Especiales will continue to offer investigative reports on sports and in-depth features on athletes, uncovering the inspiring stories yet to be told. Drawing from more than 20 years of insight and experience, renowned sports commentator and journalist Luis Alfredo Álvarez will host the show. Set in Haiti, the first episode of Reportajes Especiales profiles Joe Gaetjens, a major US soccer scorer whose legacy vanished due to one of the cruelest dictatorships in history. The show continues with the story of a young Mexican man who discovered that sports could lead to his freedom. To conclude, the show features the story of Nick Pugliese, an American soccer player whose passion for the sport led him to an unexpected destiny.