Rodolfo Martínez, VP of Production at ESPN International and ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes: We’re developing a daily late-night show from LA launching it in January
Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Bristol|16 de octubre de 2018

ESPN Deportes, founded on January 2004 and that this year will amount for 14 years of operations, has increased exponentially its production of live shows.

"We went from an hour of original production to about 10 hours a day. This dimensions the channel and shows how we can have an authentic version of what happens in the world of sports through these studio shows" said Rodolfo Martínez, VP of Production at ESPN International and ESPN Deportes.

He added that this growth in production clearly speaks of the evolution and transformation of these contents to other platforms. "We went from being at the beginning a TV and radio channel to a multiplatform company that serves the fan in different ways."

ESPN Deportes prepares a daily late-night show (Monday through Friday) that will be produced in Los Angeles and will run in January. "It's a more relaxed program, a lighter and a more entertaining perspective of the world of sports. It will be half an hour and we will do it in English and Spanish. I would say that it is the first time that we make a show in this format” he said.

Asked about OTT, he emphasized that the company is cross-platform. "What we do is available on any device and I believe that the ESPN app is the answer to what we have been able to do technologically: on the one hand offering short format content and the other, our channel on other products through Watch and ESPN +," he said. He noted that in the future there are plans to include more ESPN Deportes content on the ESPN + platform.