Mara Fernández, Ingrid Otero-Smart, Luis Miguel Messianu, Paco Olavarrieta, Florencia Leibaschoff

We’re now looking much more inside the home than elsewhere, says Florencia Leibaschoff de LERMA/
02 de marzo de 2021

WINA Talks powered by PRODU launched this March 2 a cycle of monthly discussions for the global ad industry. In its first edition, PRODU’s Associate Publisher Mara Fernandez moderated a conference on the trends in 2021. She was accompanied by Ingrid Otero-Smart, president and CEO of Casanova//McCann; Florencia Leibaschoff, creative director of the LERMA/ group; Luis Miguel Messianu, creative chairman and CCO of alma, and Paco Olavarrieta, CCO of d’exposito & Partners.

“Health has to be the biggest word of 2021, in the medical sense and in the sense of celebrations,” Messianu said. “Since we’ve been under quarantine we’ve been putting our priorities in order. We’re giving priority to what is really important, to what has an impact on our lives, and the lessons we take away from this is that the pandemic was really a reset button to see on what we must focus our attention, our time and our talent.

For Leibaschoff of LERMA/, an important trend is that “we are constantly observing what goes on inside the home. In the 13 years I’ve been a mother, this is the first time I’ve spent all day working from our home with my kids around me. I have to find those insights surrounded by family. For the first time we’re looking more inside the home than elsewhere…so the first trend is a change in our point of view.”

Ingrid Otero-Smart added that the authenticity of looking inside rather than outside has been key, but that “the hardest part has been to make a one-on-one connection with this new system we’re seeing. For example, creatives are making their pitches on Zoom. But there have been more and more pitches and I believe that this will be a great year for the agencies.

Olavarrieta of d’exposito & Partners noted that while video continues among the great formats, podcasts have gained a lot of power: “I started listening to podcasts while working around the house during the pandemic in order to turn those tedious chores into something interesting. There’s no doubt that new platforms like Clubhouse show that storytelling vocals are a really big trend.”