Ester García

Ester Garcia of Havas Media as president of FORMATS in FIAP: The best consumer experience brands can create comes from a fine combination of content and media
Liz Unamo|14 de junio de 2022

For Ester Garcia, chief executive officer of Havas Media Group and president of the FORMAT category in the 2022 FIAP awards, the connection of brands with their audiences in years of experience will be a key element of the work they propose.

“From my point of view, the experience brands can offer their consumers/audiences is the result of a fine blend of message/content and the media used to reach said audiences. The way we can maximize that experience is by creating formats made for or adapted to that media/context,” Garcia said.

Garcia, who directs the Media Department with a team of over 600 employees in the Havas Group, values the content of the message as a key element of every campaign. “The role played by communications and advertising in the creation and development of brands and businesses would not reach its maximum expression if judged only by its message. Innovation in formats, diversity, the adaptation to media/supports allow the reach and effect of the communication to be maximized.

She advised creatives competing in FIAP to add value to their work. “I believe the focus, the purpose of brands now more than ever is relevance, and therefore it’s key, from my point of view, to know how to display the value added by actions taken along that line.”

With her wide experience in festivals, the executive noted that among the effects of the pandemic were the growing urgency and importance of reacting to it, “plus the need for brands/companies to publicize their contributions to individuals and society in general, something that without doubt was already trending before Covid, and which made the work easier for companies the pandemic found well prepared. From the point of view of the media, supports and formats, the digital environment has become even more vital, if possible, as it speeds up the transformation of companies where change was taking place in a much slower way.”