Chef Maria Mazon

Estrella Jalisco Unveils New Classic Michelada And Flavorful Partnerships To Spice Up Summer 2021
14 de julio de 2021

Estrella Jalisco, the Mexican beer brand with more than 100 years of brewing tradition, is making summer 2021 the most flavorful yet with the introduction of its new Classic Michelada, an expansion of its line of canned michelada offerings. Featuring a 3.5% ABV, the Classic Michelada is made by blending a Mexican-style lager with Clamato and lime juice to create a refreshing balance of sweet, savory and spicy that tastes just like a traditional michelada should.

To celebrate the new flavor, Estrella Jalisco is teaming up with modern media company, Tastemade, and a lineup of award-winning chefs to introduce 'Michelada Mondays,' a chance for fans to win prizes and enjoy delicious new recipes. It's our way of turning the worst day of the week into the best day of summer — and after the year we've all had, we deserve all the celebrations we can get!

"After the last year and a half, we could all use an extra reason to celebrate. From my experience, when Mexican families come together in the summer, ice cold micheladas are always in the mix," says Chef Maria Mazon. "I'm so happy to be partnering with Tastemade and Estrella Jalisco to kick off 'Michelada Mondays' and deliver the perfect pairings for micheladas. It's a great excuse to kick back and take some time with the people you love over good food and drinks."