Billy Rovzar, director of Estudios Lemon

Estudios Lemon: We are developing series for Blim and two for Univision
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de julio de 2016

Lemon Films, now Estudios Lemon, is developing two TV series for W Studios and Univision; one for Blim and the second season of Señor Ávila 3 for HBO, according to a statement by Billy Rovzar, director of the company, who added that it is necessary to increase budgets for production of series in Mexico to be able to compete with others at an international scale. “We are making three TV series, two for W Studios and Univision. Both have 80 episodes. There is a 13-episode series for Blim and one more for the same platform that is pending until the budget necessary for it to be developed is available. For HBO we are about to present Señor Ávila 3, in which a big evolution can be seen. In film, we are making Hasta que la Boda nos Separe, with new talent; and Matando Cabos 2, which we expect to start shooting in 2017,” explained Rovzar. Additionally, they are developing the animated film La Familia del Barrio, taken from YouTube, and which has been on pay TV through MTV and will now be in film. Rovzar assured that series in Mexico must increase their budgets in order to compete: “They must understand they have to pay for what they want to see on the screen, otherwise they cannot demand more. The quality of contents can only improve this way”.