The actress Itati Cantoral is part of the cast of the series

Estudios TeleMéxico began shooting in July the bioseries of the singer José José
01 de agosto de 2017

This month, Estudios TeleMéxico started shooting the series on the life of the singer José José, directed by Carlos Villegas and Diego Mejía, and under the executive production of Salvador Montes and general production of Gabriela Valentán. The series is written by Basilio Álvarez.

Consisting of 80 episodes, it is estimated to be finished by December. The talent team is comprised by Alejandro de la Madrid, María Fernanda Yepes, Danna Paola, Itati Cantoral, Rosa María Bisnchi, Ana Ofelia Murgia, Mauricio Issac and Damián Alcázar.

In the U.S. Telemundo has the broadcast rights for the bio series.