Perla Martínez

Estudios TeleMéxico: Our richness is multiculturalism to tell stories
14 de agosto de 2015

Perla Martínez, Production Director at Estudios TeleMéxico, a FOXTelecolombia company, showed PRODU their new headquarters in La Condesa, Mexico City, and said it was multicultural and multi-genre due to the ability they have to develop any type of original content and à la carte with creatives and talents from the entire region. "That is the beauty: We can generate anything someone asks us for. If a client requests a reality show with certain peculiarities, we do it immediately, because we are very much in touch with Bogota, and with the talent located there and our local one here, we have the flexibility of reacting rapidly", expressed Martínez, a Mexican Production veteran who has had her own independent companies and was recruited by the Duque two years ago to lead the operations in Mexico. "What they are asking us for the most are super series between 50 and 80 episodes and 13-episode realities", she added. According to Martínez, multiculturality is one of the characteristics of the company. "In our halls we have Mexican, Colombian, Argentinean, Venezuelan dictionaries. Our richness is multiculturalism; we spend our time with Venezuelan and Colombian directors; photography directors from everywhere in Latin America; writers from Argentina, Colombia. That is a great asset, because it gives us perspectives and points of view to tell stories in a better way". As for the recent agreement signed with Telemundo, she said that they are now evaluating the stories: "That is moving well and strong".