Andrés Vargas, Ángela Suárez and Samuel Duque, from Estudios TeleMéxico and FOXTelecolombia, during the presentation of Promesas de Campaña (13x60´) for Claro video

Estudios TeleMéxico presents comedy
Aliana González, Mexico City|24 de septiembre de 2019

Javier Anaya, Original Production sub-director at Claro video, and Samuel Duque, president of Estudios TeleMéxico, presented Promesas de Campaña (13x60´), a political comedy that started shooting a week and a half ago, and that talks about the rivalry between two political parties in campaign for the presidency: the Flan and the Fin.

“We are very proud of this production in a genre that is political comedy, very demanding at all levels, that has added factors to fulfill this demand: in first place, to have a great partner and a great screen like Claro video, in second, to have exceptional scripts, and third, a cast like the one we have for this project," said Duque, after stating that it is the first production with Claro video and he expects many more will come in the future.

Ángela Suárez, Content VP at FOXTelecolombia, is the showrunner of the production, directed by Charlie Gore and Sergio Siruela. The executive producer is Harold Sánchez. The cast includes 12 main actors who play 14 characters and there are more than 25 guest actors. In total, there will be nine weeks of shooting with two units, made in locations: natural outdoors and indoors.

Javier Anaya, for his part, highlighted that Promesas de Campaña is part of the line they have on Claro video to program comedy, with which they have had great results. “The first was El Torito, with which we did very well, and now we have Hijos de Su Madre in its third season. For next year we will continue with comedy, and we are betting on doing intelligent comedy,” he said.

The cast includes Rubén Zamora, Silverio Palacios, Jaqueline Ivette, Enrique Arrizon, Verónica Montes, Darío Ripoll, Giovanna Zacarías, among others.