Andrés Vargas, Country Manager, and EVP at Estudios Teleméxico

Estudios Teleméxico: Producing our first film in Mexico
Aiiana González, Mexico City|02 de mayo de 2019

Andrés Vargas, Country Manager, and EVP at Estudios Teleméxico reported that they are venturing with an important film bet, working on the first movie to be made in Mexico, that will be in production in 2020.

“In the case of Mexico, the country is going through an important moment in cinema. Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón´s recent great hits have generated a wave of growth in the industry," said Vargas after commenting that they want to tap into the incentives the market offers.

“We are betting on that, and will soon develop cinema projects. Now, we are working on a dramedy that covers what is happening today in migration. What we want to deliver as a message is the Mexican and not the American perspective, exploring the Mexican roots of the person who is abroad and needs to return to Mexico or who longs for his country,” he stated.

The challenge, he added, is to show the migration phenomenon the other way around, with a touch of comedy. "We are still working on the project, with script advances, but still in the initial stages,” said Vargas.

Likewise, he commented that in LA Screening there will be relevant announcements. “It is a great market and we hope to have excellent news. I cannot announce too much, because they are surprises, but I am sure we are going to surprise the Latin American market,” he said.