Julián Antuñano, Eureka's founder and producer

Eureka: Entre Correr y Vivir is our first project as a production company and we are already on the look for more projects to develop
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de agosto de 2016

Entre Correr y Vivir (40x60’) is the first project the production company Eureka develops. It was founded by Julián Antuñano, who is also producer of the series that will be aired on TV Azteca´s Azteca 7 on October 17th at 10pm and will have as second screen the SVOD Blim platform. "We are a young production company. Now we are sheltered by the opportunity TV Azteca has given us with this project, our first, that was born in the aim to improve the products that the audience deserves. We think a product like this one has to live on all platforms and that is why it is important to create synergies like the one we have managed to have with Blim,” explained Antuño. The producer highlighted that this project arose from the wish to talk about car racing "and that was when we came across the story of the Rodríguez brothers, Mexican racers who were world champions. We wanted to understand and be inside the mind of someone who races at 300 kilometers per hour and decided to express that in a two-season series. Each season has 20 episodes.” He highlighted that the sequences are being shot in 4K, in different locations in Mexico City. The main scenario is the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack: "Each scene takes between one and two hours to produce, and the project in general will take us approximately seven months. The production is under the responsibility of six producers and four directors. The script is written by Adrián Mazoy and seven other writers”.